Rewards Card Comparison – The Best Rewards Credit Cards

If you’re a responsible spender, rewards credit cards are a great way to get rewarded for spending responsibly.  If you pay off your rewards credit on time, every time each month, you essentially make money using that credit card.  With my rewards credit card, I have earned hundreds of dollars in rewards through purchases I made with it which I have used to get books, movies, and other luxury items I want without having a single extra dollar in annual fees or interest–all I had to do is use the card on purchases I already would make at the gas station, grocery store, and everywhere else my credit card is accepted.  In this article, I’ll review the best rewards credit cards available.

Best Rewards Card for Cash Back

There are multiple credit cards that offer cash back rewards.  From the credit cards that I have seen the three best cash back credit cards are:

  1. Discover More Card – 5% cash back on select categories that rotate, 5% to 20% cashback through Discover’s online shopping mall, 1% unlimited cashback on all other purchases
  2. Chase Freedom MasterCard – 5% cash back on select categories, 2% on airfare, 1% on everything else
  3. Citi Dividend Platinum Select Card – 5% cash back on select, rotating categories, 5% back through over 400 retailers on their Citi Bonus Cash Center, 1% everything else

Rewards Card (MasterCard)

Capital One No Hassle Cash Rewards

US Airways Premier World MasterCard

Chase Sapphire

GM Card from HSBC

Citi Dividend Platinum Select Card

Chase Freedom MasterCard

AT&T Rewards MasterCard Credit Card

Sears and Kmart Rewards MasterCard Rewards Visa Card

The credit card that I personally have, the rewards credit card earns points for purchases made on, as well as gas stations, restaurants, and everywhere else.

Best Buy Reward Zone MasterCard

Love electronics?  The Best Buy rewards credit card may be the credit card you’re looking for.  With the credit card, you’re automatically enrolled in the Reward Zone program which gives you exclusive deals, savings, and rewards.  You earn 1 point for each $1 spent on dining and grocery, 2 points per dollar spent at Best Buy, and 1 point per every $2 spent everywhere else MasterCard credit cards are accepted.  With the card you earn reward certificates you can use towards music, movies, and electronics at Best Buy.

Penfed Visa Platinum Cashback Rewards Card